Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Night Never Ends

This nightfall was unique
It alarmed me of something dreadful
Its there, its there, after me
Like a carnivore with its clawed paws
Silently following all day, all night
Waiting to climb upon and tear me apart.
Yeah, i knew it , there will come one day
When you tell me ‘its all i can say’
And walk away, not turning back even once
At me, shattered down to the sands.
And its here, the dusk has fallen
Once and for all, over the eyes of mine
Now its dark all around, and chilling too
Like the unseen depths of the silent lake
Where is the warmth i cuddled in?
Where is the breeze i breathed in?
You took it all away so rude i cant say
Crushing my heart like a ball of clay
Now its night, long dark night
The day will never show me its light
My sun, my light my world and my soul
I lost them to you, my angel, my love..!

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